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EOI for development of Eco-Tourism Complex at Chilika

An idyllic Gate Week end gate way, 60 KM distance from the Capital City of Orissa and 2 KM from NH-5 at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal, a blue lake with baoting facilities, restaurant, coffee shop and luxury lodging to stay over night. All these could be yours to develop and earn a fortune from as the First private developer of an Eco-Tourism complex at Chilika, Orissa.

We intend to join hands with Private developers to create the above infrastructures and natural resources at Chilika in to a comprenhensive eco-tourism complex with amusement park and boating facility.

You will be permitted to create facilities and to make any construction to enhance attractiveness without affecting the natural resources and revenue generation potential of the location. This may include a cable car or a Toy Train around the Lake, introducing speed boats and water sports on the River front, Organising river cruises, connecting the sight seeing Triangle of Bird Sanctuary, Dolphin Residience to Kalijai Temple.

Interested reputed Organisations are invited to send their EOI with proof of Prior experience in the Management and operation of Entertainment /Amusement parks or resorts along with their technical competence, financial status and Organisational Structure to The Chief Executive Officer, aster Infosys Pvt Ltd. By Dt.

The authority reserves the right to negotiate with the bidders as per the consultation with Chilika Development Authority to arrive at a mutual agreement and to withdraw from the processes and part there of to accept or repeat any or all offers at any stage of the process and/or modify the process or any part there of to vary any terms at any time without assigning any reason what so ever.
Send your details to:-

P Purna Chandra
Chief Executive Officer
Aster Infosys Private Ltd
F-6/33,Park Tower,
Near Forest park,Unit-6,

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