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Online Hotel Reservation all over India

About Us:-

Aster Infosys Pvt. Ltd, is the First Private Limited company in India going to promote a state and it’s properties as a Brand to the people world over is in the process of flagging off a knowledge based E-commerce portal to it’s credit. This is the first player in Indian market providing E-Reservation facility all over India.Besides this, the Company is in the process of introducing online interactive Holiday Packages to be marketed all over the World.

The Opportunity.

The increasing no of professionals, students, Business Persons who are traveling out side their places in any kind of works, whether for an interview or Business Meeting or in any official work faces a common major problem every day. That when they are going out side,they are not getting a budgeted Hotel in that place and they are spending more Rupees than their one day Hotel expense to the Taxi driver in search of a budgeted hotel with availing of rooms. At last by not getting a budgeted Hotel of appropriate concern they are harassed.So, Aster Infosys has developed a solution by which people can reserve a Hotel of their choice at any place in India by Internet to stay in any Hotel hassle free. This also helps people not to take the Hotel Money with them avoiding the fear of theft or Pick Pocketing.

How Aster can help You realize this opportunity ?

Aster Infosys Pvt Ltd, has developed and promoted a state of the art Internet Portal named as Orissaculture.com , providing on line Hotel Reservation facility all over India as well as online selling of Traditional

Handicrafts and Artifacts of Orissa. Besides this, Aster Infosys is the 1st on line interactive Holiday Maker of India going to promote different Holiday Packages to the people all over world.

Aster can help you realize your dreams by becoming a Franchisee center / Authorized representative in your area. This will enable you and your Organization capable of dealing with a no of different customers including Students, Business Persons, Travelers, Tourists,and Merchant Establishments etc. Simultaneously. Orissaculture.com is a portal of International repute going to be associated with Travel Houses of Nepal and Srilanka and Gulf Air Holidays.By becoming an associate of Aster Infosys Pvt. Ltd., you will get the additional benefit of becoming a Holiday Associate of Orissaculture.com to market the Holiday Packages to different groups/ customers as priority basis in your area.

As a Franchise/Authorized representative of the Online Hotel Reservation System promoted by Aster Infosys Pvt. Ltd., you can ensure the best alternative option to the Credit Card/ Debit Card holders or those who have Net banking option by providing the safest payment standards.

So, make Aster Infosys your partner in capitalizing this new unique opportunity and driving the digital economy forward.

The Orissaculture.com Advantage: -

Orissaculture.com is the regional pioneer in the E-reservation of Hotels System and E-Holiday services domain of the state. This is the first company in India, going to provide all India Online Hotel reservation facility a reality one very soon by which people from any place can reserve a hotel all over India as per their choice and budget at any Time where Internet facility is available. There is no need of having a Credit Card / Debit Card to give payment for the above reservation.

This will make people hassle free in going out side for a stay, searching for a budgeted Hotel there within definite constraints and free from theft of Money (Pick Pocketing) on the way.

Orissaculture.com helps people searching for a budgeted Hotel at any place in India, reserving a Hotel online by giving payment by Credit card / Debit Card/ most secure Easy Pay (Franchisee Payment center) present all over India, going with the letter to stay directly in that Hotel.

Aster Infosys has now leveraged its industry knowledge by finding out the requirements of people to design and develop an indigenous platform all over India. The fundamental aspect of implementing the E-Reservation system is to develop a successful payment and reservation infrastructure channel with high reliability and flexibility. The Franchise Platform can handle the above Transactions as well as customer billing and information Management System across the Country.


The Easy Pay Platform / Franchisee platform is a solution aimed at customers those who have no Credit Cards / Debit Cards to give Payment through Internet Payment Gateway system ( Covering More than 90% people in India). The solution provides fully authorization, processing for Franchisee Transaction. The Easy Pay Franchisee Infrastructure will handle Payment Transactions made by Easy Pay (Pay at Franchisee) customers.

Orissaculture.com Franchisee Payment Option.

The Orissaculture.com franchisee payment option (EasyPay) helps customer to pay at any of the Franchisees located near to them (after successfully making reservation in the Internet) all over India. Only thing is the Customer has to carry the letter mentioning the reservation details and EasyPay Centers/ Franchisee Centers chosen by him to give the payment for final confirmation, which is 100% secured and hassle free. (The letter will be available immediately automatically at the Time of Reservation by Internet providing detailed Information how to proceed).

Features of Franchisee Platform

Security: - Ensuring security and avoiding the fear of unsecured Electronic Transaction has been one of the guiding principles for EasyPay Platform.

Integration: - The Easy Pay Platform of Franchisee services will help the customers 100% reliable about their Hotel Reservation all over India, because Aster Infosys (is going to have) Easy Pay Integrator having cross platform nature compatible with Franchisee implementation.

Key Features and Highlights to become a Franchisee / Authorized Representative.
To become a Franchisee Center/ Authorized Collection Center
You must have an existing office with a contact Phone no/ Fax
Hotels/ Travel Agency/ Internet Cafes/ Telephone Booths are preferable.
You must have your office opened 12 X 7 days

You have to give a maximum of 5 No of Franchisee Centers in your area authorized by You for a better services (Optional) to be promoted with us at free of cost.

Our Role :-

We will promote your Organization as well as affiliates as our Authorized Collection Centers/Franchisee Centers all over India.

We will give all the necessary inputs as Stamps, Money Receipts etc to you for administrative Functions.

You will be Provided an Authorized Certificate to work as the Franchisee of Aster Infosys Pvt. Ltd.

All the promotional advertisement will be borne by Aster Infosys (P) Ltd.

If the above features are suitable to You, then please fill up the Agreement Paper and send it back along with a security deposit of Rs 1500/- (One Thousand Five Hundred Only) drawn in favor of Aster Infosys Pvt. Ltd Payable at Bhubaneswar drawn in any Nationalized Bank before 15th January 2004 to

Aster Infosys Pvt. Ltd
A/E-57, Bhimatangi Housing Board Phase-1, Bhubaneswar-751002.

For more Information on Orissaculture.com Please contact:-
                              ceo@orissaculture.com 0r 94371-01546


M/S_________________ shall act as a Franchisee Center/ Authorized Collection Center for Aster Infosys Pvt. Ltd. At ________________ with immediate effect/ With Effect From 1st March 2004.

As a Franchisee Center / Collection Centers, you are authorized to represent Aster Infosys Pvt. Ltd. for all the Transactions. You can contact potential Internet Cafes/ Travel Agencies/ Hotels/ Telephone Booths, select them and forward their names (Subject to a maximum of 5 Nos.in your area) to Aster Infosys Pvt Ltd’s office for final confirmation to be given in the Internet. (As a successive Franchisee center / Collection offices under your direction).

The Franchise agreement will be signed by Mr. Suresh Chandra Pradhan- Chairman, Aster Infosys Pvt. Ltd. Or any designated Representative authorized by him.

Role of Franchisee centers/ Collection centers.

To receive money from the customer (Hotel reservation Amount)

To confirm the Clients Payment immediately to our offices for corrective and necessary action and further proceedings.

To reserve the Hotel in your area for any customer asked by Orissaculture.com

You have to operate from your own existing offices/ Residents and all the expenses shall be borne by you.

You will earn a fixed commission in advance at the Time of Payment by customers at your Office as a Franchisee center/ Collection Offices of Aster Infosys (P) Ltd.

Since you will act as an authorized representative/ Franchisee center/ Collection Center of AIPL, you shall not be allowed to keep payments on Account of Aster Infosys Pvt. Ltd. For more than 24 Hours.

You have to deposit the collected amount of Customers immediately in any Nationalized Bank Account of Aster Infosys Pvt. Ltd. Situated in Your area.

If you will found to violate any of Aster Infosys Pvt. Ltd’s above-mentioned Terms and Conditions,then your authorization will be terminated immediately and suitable legal action will be taken against you.

All disputes, complaints and claims arising out of this agreement shall be referred to Arbitration. The Rules and Regulations framed by the Indian Council of Arbitration shall be followed in the arbitration Proceedings.

The High Court of Cuttack shall have exclusively jurisdiction to settle the dispute.

This Agreement will be made in 2 Counterparts with each counter part being considered as Original.

Annexure – 1

In each single reservation, you will receive an earned commission of Rs 15/- (Rupees Fifteen only)in advance at the time of Payment by customers at your Franchisee Center/ Collection Offices.

You have to deposit the amount deducting Rs 15/- from received amount of Customers in any Nationalized Bank Account of Aster Infosys Pvt. Ltd in Your area.

All the Administrative formalities as Cash Book, Stamps etc will be supplied by Aster infosys Pvt. Ltd.

Aster Infosys Pvt. Ltd.

N.B:- Please refer our detail steps of Hotel Reservation facility given in reference.

Copy Rights Reserved:-Aster Infosys