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Iswar and Parbati were of great help to men or women in danger. They sprinkled sacred water on the dead man and made him alive. Many impossible things were conceived by the story-teller: Flying Horse, magic boat, magic jewel etc. could work wonders. Ambujmani built one palace, dug out a tank, planted a full-fledged garden within one night. Flying horse or magic horse could carry the rider to any place, he liked, within the twinkle of an eye. Putting on a pair of magic sandals one could fly hundreds of miles within a moment. A magic cane gave birth to an army of men; a magic bag produced delicious food for thousands of people. A magic mango could make a man smile jewels. A flying tree could be used as a conveyance and carried man to his destination.

Proverbs And Dakbachans

Every village has, to its credit, a number of intelligent men and women. Proverb or Dakbachan is their creation. It is neither philosophy, nor poetry nor any moral propaganda though its educative value is immense. It was created in some particular situation in connection with a particular person. But it was so remarkable that people remembered it and used it in connection with any man in the same situation. It carried the wisdom of its creator for ages, passed through hundreds and thousands of lips, but never lost its freshness and beauty. A proverb displays sharp intelligence, broad outlook, strong common sense, power of generalization and the intimate knowledge of life and the living world.

Proverbs are classified in the following manner according to their subject matter.
Dak Bachan—deals with such subjects as agriculture, weather and medicine etc.
The rising sun smilingly disappears in the cloud,
Northern clouds pass over to the South.
Blue flies brood over the fresh cow dung.
Dak bachan says, O Son, it must rain.
When a star appears in the orb of the moon it rains incessantly.

Chhata Regarding Co-wife—

Is my luck so bad ?
That I had to deal with a nine-lipped co-wife.
If this be given to the dark-skinned first wife my beautiful second wife will get angry.
Given to the fair-coloured, the lady of black complexion will be provoked.
Let this be with me.
When the fair lady will prepare my bed for sleep.
I shall present it to her.
All the four quarters be scented.

Regarding Worthlessness and Vileness of Daughter-in-law—

Mark your naughty daughter,
She breaks scores of pots and pitchers.
The daughter-in-law is of low family,

She came only yesterday, but mark her haughtiness.
Fie on you, Don’t you get a rope of one cubit to hang yourself ?
That widow mother had such a worthless daughter !
Why does she not drown herself in a pit ?
All members of the family have been reduced,
But the daughter-in-law who cooks food has become very fat.
You brought one torn box of cane Containing one seer of turmeric,
Conch ounded and bowing down in shame,
You entered the house.
Will my mother-in-law die ?
Shall I be the queen of the household ?
Will chance do that ?

Regarding Conjugal Life—

The bear came down the peak of the mountain to eat the roots of grass (meaningless)
Did I marry this husband (should be devoured by a ghost) only to be beaten with fists ?
All right, if you beat me, you yourself go and cook,
Thank god, your moustache is burnt while blowing the hearth.
That is how you are paid back in your own coin.
A hole under the belly of the thrashing horse (meaningless)
My hand was tied to that of this golden flowered husband (a miser)
He controls rice, even water.

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