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A Few Words about Us..

Dear Friends !

It is our pleasure to introduce Tourism as one of the few Industry in which many developing countries have a comparative advantage over the developed ones in terms of Culture, Heritage, Natural Wild life, Handicrafts, Employment etc. Three quarters of people living in extreme poverty live in Rural areas. So the attractiveness of Tourism is very much important for the remote rural areas . As tourism is a labor intensive industry that provide Jobs to Women., Young People helps in establishing in new small Business, support traditional activities like Agriculture, Handicrafts etc leaves aside economics bringing non material benefits such as pride in local

culture and a valorization of the surrounding natural environment in local communities. Besides this Tourism distributes wealth and services equally by developing partnership between public and private sector bodies with a common goal of poverty alleviation and sustainable development. In addition Tourism creates conditions to empower and enable real poor to get entrepreneurial skills for self employment and to reach at quite large no of people. In analyzing a wide no of case studies in different developing countries where Tourism plays the major role in development (countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore etc) we have identified some approaches that helps in addressing poverty through Tourism and can be applied to our Country which we have tried out in our Portal as below.

We are trying our best to address the poverty through our Tourism Portal in Orissa:-

  1. Employment Generation in Rural areas:- Tourism through our Portal enables the poor to get benefit from their entrepreneurial skills and accessing the market for others by which they can potentially reach to a quite large no of audience/people of other origin. Besides this Tourism through our Portal provides seasonal as well as year round employment opportunities to the rural masses.
  2. Supply Chain Management:- Arrival of more and more tourists through our Portal increases the supply of goods and services to the premium industry like Hotels, Food stuffs, Handicrafts, Building services, Transport services and other chosen products featured by the tour operator.
  3. Direct Sales of Goods and Services:- By the means of Rural Tourism rural artisans and Handicraft makers can get a chance to sell their products and services including foods, handicrafts, pottering, in formal accommodations/cottages directly to the visitors/tourists coming through our Portal. The informal sector is the most direct ways of getting visitors spending in to the hands of the poor which is very much important to the developing countries like India.
  4. Voluntary donations for social development:- Increase in more tourist arrivals through our Portal may include voluntary donations to general charities and programs like HIV/AIDS program by tourists and tour operators and in advanced stage support for projects of upcoming destinations.
  5. Infrastructure stimulated Tourism:- Investment in infrastructure like the provisions of roads, energy, supplies, sanitation, clean water and telecommunication to increase the tourism potential also help the poor communities for their total upliftment in early stage.

    We are in the process of developing and have identified a number of methods to address the poverty by increasing the tourism potential which are as under.
  1. Raising consumer awareness by providing visitors/tourists with the better information to direct their purchase behavior by the means of internet
  2. Creative, viable, realistic product design and development of handicrafts and e-marketing them all over the world through our Portal
  3. Integrated destination marketing through our Portal
  4. Export promotion of handicrafts through our Portal
  5. Networking with NGO’s in representing to rural handicrafts manufacturers/artisans and in providing linkages through our Portal
  6. Linkages with NGO’s for rural destination management and supporting appropriate product development and marketing through our Portal

    This isolation action can not be taken as alone. Joint action is needed with engaging all stake holders for accomplishing the above goals.

    We are not a new form of tourism, only a new kind of tourism product in private sector and an approach to tourism development and management in which the tourism cake of Orissa will be tilted so that the benefits will be directed towards the poorest of the poor. It is a considerable challenge that require purposeful well directed action, commitment and political will for poverty alleviation through tourism.

    We are confident that you will give this as a priority to share with us.


    Ms. Pragatika Mishra
    Chief Executive

    N.B:- You can send your comments, contributions, suggestions through e-mail and share your opinions in developing the state and eliminating Poverty by Promotion of Tourism. Your Email should reach us at :- asterinfosys@yahoo.com or ceo@orissaculture.com
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