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Latitude –19’48’17” Longitude 85’51’39” The Jagannath Temple now seen at Puri was rebuild during 1113-1150 AD on a huge sand dune, resembling a dark or blue hillock (Nilagiri or Nilasaila) for the Holy SAPTAVARNA (Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra, SudarsanChakra, Bhudevi, Sridevi & Madhava) .The height of the Temple is 214’-8’, built as per Pancharath plan at the cost of 9250 kg of gold. It consists of Deula (the sanctum) , Jag Mohan (square audience hall in front of the sanctum), Natyamandira (dancing hall 69’-0’x 67’) and Bhogamandap (hall of offering 58’-0’x 56’-0’ size), Ground floor size –30’x 30’

height 48’-0’, First floor size – 30’ x 30’ height 33’ –0’, Second floor – 28’ x 28’ height 30’-0’ . The temple has two massive enclosures build in the reign of Purusottam Deva (1467-1497) and Kapilendra Deva (1435-1469) covering a total area of 10.7 acres having a height of about 20’ to 24’ and known as Kumbha Bedha (inner wall) –400’. 0” x278’. 0” and width of wall 4’. 5” B) Meghanada Pacheri (outer wall)-665’. 0” x 644’. 0” x 20’. 0” to 24’. 0” high and width of wall 6’. 0”.

The temple has four gates at the center of the outer compound wall

1. East side- Sinhadwara (Lions gate) (Main entrance) stands for Dharma
2· West side-Vyaghradwara (Tiger gate) stands for BAIRAGYA better known as Jaya-Vijayadwara
3· Slouth-side-Hastidwara (Elephant gate) stands for GYANA
4· North side-Ashwadwara (Horse gate) stands for AISWARJYA
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