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Bhogname- humanstandard- Time - Speciality

GoopalballavBhog- Breakfast- 9.00am- Bhog offered at a place in between Kalahat door and the first wooden bar known as Anasarapindi or Ballav Pindi. Worshipped with 5 upchars, Gandha (Sandal Paste), Puspa (Flower), Deepa (Light), Naivedya (Food)

Sakaldhup of Bhog-Morning meal-10.00am-Bhog offered below Ratnavedi called Pokharia. Worshipped with 16 upchars.

Bhog Mandap Bhog-Supplementary to Sakaldhup-11.00 a m-Offered twice at Bhoga mandap behind Garyda Pillar

meant for huge sale as per the demand.

Madhyana Dhupa-mid day meal-12.30to1.00pm-Bhog offered below Ratnavedi called Pokharia worshipped with 16 upchars.

Sandhya Dhupa-Evening meal-7-8.00pm-Bhog offered below Ratnavedi called Pokharia worshipped with 16 upchars.

Badasimhar Dhupa-Late Night meal-11.15pm-Bhog offered below Ratnavedi called Pokharia. worshipped with 5 upchars followed by Badasimhar Vesha and Gita Govinda song and dance by Devadasi.

When some thing is offered to the Deities in Devine faith that is called “Prasad”. After the Bhog is offered to Jagannath, then the same is re offered to mother Deity Vimala and the offered Bhog becomes Mahaprasad. Jagannath is known as Vairab and Vimala is as Vairabi.

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