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Service & Servitors


Chatisa yoga refers to to the 36 categories of servitors (Sevaks) who are further divided in to several classes. How ever a detailed lists of the various kinds of Sevas and Sevaks are given here for the reference of the devotees.

1. Raja of Puri - Superintendent and at present one of the member of the Temple Committee

2. Mudiratha or Mudirasta - He officiates for the Raja in Cherapanhara and other functions when the Raja is prevented from performing them for some reason or other

3. Chatisha Nijoga Nayak Patjoshi Mahapatra and Bhandar Nayak - He had vast power and functions in the past but many have dis appeared at present. He is of the Pasupalak class and had the key of the Bhandar till 1930. He is to execute all orders of the Temple authorities and to see that all the Sevaks do their duties properly. Performs Sari Bandha ceremony.

4. Charchiat sees that the nitis are performed regularly.

5. Brahmins or Purohits including Deula Purohits make Ratha Anukula, Abhiseka etc. Sri Bimala Pujaka performs Puja in Shola Puja and Shrotriya. Brahmins are deputed for Nabakalevar to perform as Acharya and the various other other ceremonies.

6. Pujaks consisting of Puja pandas perform Puja that is Naivedya for the Deities. Bada Panda is also a Puja Panda appointed to see that other Puja Pandas perform their duties regularly.

7. Daitas work on Special Occasions like Nabakalebar, Car Festival, and Anabasar etc.

8. Patis work with Daitas but who have got other special functions, being Brahmin Sevakas.

9. Duttas work for Srimukh Simhar.

10. Khuntias of various kind like Palia Khuntia, Behera Khuntia, Bilaijaga Khutia, and Rukuna Barana Khuntia etc. Their main duty being to pronounce Manima Daka etc and watch their Deities.

11. Changada Mekap in charge of Deities clothes and other Mekaps like Palia Mekap have specific duties to perform. Akhanda Mekap is to light Ratna Dipa of the Deities from Dwarafita to Pahuda.

12. Padhiaris guard the Deities, go to call for Bhogas and are to look to the safety of the Pilgrims.

13. Gochikars belong to Padhiari class who watch Jaya- Bijaya Dwara.

14. Binakar plays Bina to the Deities before they go to sleep.

15. Bhitara Gayeni sings songs at the time of Pahuda and other festivals.

16. Samprada Nijoga that is dancing girls who dance at the time of Patuara.

17. Madeli plays Madala at the time of Patuara.

18. Sankhua plays with Sankha with Baijayantries.

19. Kahalia blows Vije Kahalia.

20. Ghantua and Ghanta Nijoga work with Bells daily and on Festivals.

21. Amonia Chatara - Chatara, Taras, Kalakanati Sevakas - for carrying umbrellas at Festivals etc.

22. Gitagovinda Sevakas recites Gitagovinda before the Lord at Chandan Lagi.

23. Chakara Dihuri and Chhamu Dihuri carry Masala at Festivals etc.

24. The Simharis or Pasupalaks dress the lords in clothing are and adorn them with flowers at all times and perform the Avakash Puja.

25. Suara Badus (Bhog Saita Suara Badu, Behera Suara Badu) wash the Pokharia several times, supply Khata, Chauki etc.

26. Bhitarcho Mahapatra - He is the first man to go for Dwarafita Ceremony (Opening of the door) and to examine the seals, perform Sari Bandha ceremony and checks the purity of the Bhogas offered.

27. Talicho Mahapatra - He seals doors at Night Pahuda (Retiring to be) and controls and checks the purity of the Kitchen.

28. Parichas - Parichas were at one time managing the Temple whose work is now reduced at present to hold a gold cane at the Sakala Dhupa and in certain festivals.

29. Bhandar Mekap - In charge of bahara Bhandar containing all the Jewelries etc. required for the daily use of the Deities.

30. Deul Karana - He keeps accounts of the Bhandar, Changada Gharas, transfer of Seva and distributes Parvani Kheis.

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